Value Added Benefits for Business Wellness Programs

Value added benefit programs are increasingly becoming integrated with business wellness programs. These integrated programs are a powerful way to improve the value that members receive from your health plan.

Our approach to online wellness is unique, and is completely focused on supporting your health plan’s brand. Our approach to value added benefits for health plans focus on provider pricing, without layering on the administrative cost inherent with covered benefits. The value added mechanism can be used to give your members "half a loaf" on a variety of services including dental, vision, chiropractic and non-traditional care such as acupuncture. And, best of all, our programs don't drive up claims costs and are simple for members to use.

Health plan value added benefits save members money on non-covered benefits by arranging preferred pricing with providers. These programs have become increasingly pertinent as plan design has moved more financial responsibility to members. And, as a practical matter, if your plan competes with any of the major insurers, a strong value added benefits program is a "must have". For example, we think discount dental programsare the single biggest opportunity for health plan differentiation on health insurance exchanges, and in a number of other competitive situations.

The way we create health care value added benefits and business wellness programs is unique, and yields a vibrant and interesting program. This is especially important if your value added benefits program hasn't had much attention lately. First generation value added programs abound – many haven't been updated in years. And, no wonder, with the complexity of the health insurance business, it's easy to understand how value added benefits programs get overlooked.

That's where Basix can help. We can just add components (how about emailed 30 day fitness programs, for example?) Or, we can completely update your program to boost both your online wellness programs as well as your value added benefits program. We’ll work with you to determine what makes the most sense.

Our approach to program management is also unique. We can set up systems and processes to allow your staff to manage the program, or we can provide a turn-key service – whatever suits your situation. And, our value added programs can all be linked with a Health Savings Account, or Flexible Spending Account.

Your programs should support your brand, offer real value to your members and create a positive link with your provider community. Call us, we'll explain how.

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