Discount Dental Programs

Surveys consistently show that dental is the most desired additional benefit for health plan members; however, traditional dental insurance is very expensive. Our Dental Savings Program allows members to save up to 50% of the cost of dental care by using our simple, cost-effective approach using Basix's custom health plan innovation.

Our discount dental plans use direct contracts with dentists and specialists to lower the price of dental care. Essentially, we ask dentists to accept the same fees they would from an insurer, except as a direct payment from the patient, at the time of service. This creates a win / win situation. The dentist gets new members, and the same payment they would accept from an insurer. The dentist has no administrative cost for claims filing and tracking. The member pays "real" prices, without paying for the overhead of dental insurance. Dental pricing varies dramatically from market to market; however, we can typically reduce the cost of routine care by 50% and specialty care by 20%.

What does this mean to the patient? Much lower dental costs that lead to better dental care access, which leads to better health. And, a higher level of satisfaction with the health plan that brought them this innovation!

What does this mean to health plan administrators? A better health plan is more valuable to its members – this helps the plan attract and retain health plan members. If your plan serves members that have access to options on health insurance exchanges, having a high-value plan design is more important than ever. Our approach to discount dental is one of the best ways to achieve a dramatic increase in value. Our programs secure half the value of dental insurance, at about 1/20th of the cost.

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